Current block of vineyard

Vineyard Information

Plant date: 1953

Direction of vineyards: East-West

Slope of vineyard: Southern Slope

Soil Type: Cartreff Westleigh

Trellising: Untrellised bush vines

Hectare: 2.58 hectare

Yield: 2 ton per hectar

Plant density (vines per hectare): Row width : 2,74 m ; vine spacing : 1,4m ….  Therefore the plantdensity is 2 604 stokke/ha (vines/ha)

Harvest date (2019 vintage): 13 March 20219

Microclimate: Being on a slight southern slope, this block gets harvested the latest of all the Pinotage blocks on Bellevue Wine Estate. The age of the vineyard also plays as role in the rather late harvest date. The advantage of harvesting later, is that the grapes reach full physiological ripeness, which is positive for wine quality.

Drip irrigation has been installed 3 years ago and presently have the advantage to nurse the old vines through the high temperatures of February and early March, thus preventing damage by possible temporary drought.

Interesting facts about the vineyard:

  • This Pinotage is grafted on Jacques, that is partly (33%) Vinifera. The vines are overall doing very well given their age.
  • Another interesting fact is that about 100 odd Cinsaut (Hermitage) vines were planted amongst the Pinotage in the same block.
  • Quality control and systems were just not as accurate in those days, hence why some Cinsaut was mixed in between. Luckily it is easily recognised and also to harvest separately.
  • Annually, just before the harvest, the Cinsaut vines get marked as to prevent the harvesters from picking the Cinsaut grapes with the Pinotage since Cinsaut ripens later than Pinotage.